Interested in working with Brandt & Levie products? Will you join us on our mission to bring delicious, honest sausages to everyone in the country?

Since 2011, we've had just one mission: inspiring people to eat better meat by making the absolute best charcuterie in the country. We've built a strong brand from the very beginning and would love to keep building our brand with you.


Over the years, Brandt & Levie has earned plenty of sausage fans and ambassadors, retail and hospitality professionals looking to work with top-tier products that are beloved by customers and guests. From dried and fresh sausages to pancetta and pâtés, we make everything from our own properly raised pigs or organically certified Dutch meat. 

We have a set range that we periodically complement with crazy collabs (with partners like Reypenaer and Laphroaig), culinary seasonals, and special editions (like SNERT). Interested in our mission and looking for a culinary addition to your range? 

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